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Article: What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

A diamond has a breathtaking shine that makes it the most attractive gemstone. People widely purchase diamonds for an engagement ring, as an investment, or as part of A jewelry design. The diamond’s sparkle is often the most prioritized aspect of a diamond during purchase, even though the size mainly determines the cost of the diamond. To buy a diamond that sparkles to your liking, you must first understand what sparkle is and how it is achieved. 

What Is Sparkle In A Diamond?

Sparkle is the brightness and fire a diamond produces due to its interaction with light. Brightness is produced when the light is reflected off the facets to give a white color. In contrast, fire is when the light is reflected off the facets to provide a colored fire. Therefore, the more facets a diamond cut has, the higher the sparkle. 

What makes a diamond sparkle?

Diamond Cut

A diamond cut has a tremendous impact on the sparkle of the diamond. The diamond’s interaction with light and, consequently, the sparkle’s intensity are influenced by the cut’s quality. The cut involves symmetry, dimensions, facets, and reflective qualities, all of which create a sparkle in a diamond. Uncut diamonds do not produce sparkle because they lack facets.


It is the sparkle that you see when you or your ring moves through the light. Scintillation alters as you or the light moves, producing a dynamic and stunning effect. The smaller facets on a diamond are the ones that cause scintillation. Diamonds with non-round shapes and are above a certain weight sparkle more. It is because they have areas with smaller facets that have a higher scintillation.


Diamond brilliance is a bright white light reflected off the diamond. Brilliance has two types; internal and external. External brilliance results from how light bounces off the outer facets of the diamond and is mainly seen in step cuts. On the other hand, internal brilliance is the white reflection from the inner facets of the diamonds and is primarily found in brilliant cut diamonds. 


When light enters a diamond and breaks apart into spectral hues, it forms fire, also known as dispersion. This sparkle brings out a unique beauty mainly observed in natural or lab-grown diamonds and sets them apart from diamond simulants and other gemstones.

Choosing a Diamond That Sparkles

When choosing a diamond that sparkles, you should consider the following:

  • Just because it is bigger, it does not mean it sparkles better.
  • Consider good clarity and color grade, which are better-guiding factors to the durability and longevity of your diamond.
  • The cut type, quality, number of facets, and shape determine how much the diamond sparkles. Good cut quality and more facets increase a diamond’s sparkle.
  • The more diamonds you purchase, the more they sparkle. It is because there will be more facets upon which light can be reflected and scattered.
  • Pick a setting that allows more light to enter the diamond, such as prong settings.
  • It is always important to clean your diamond to maintain its sparkle and durability. Clean your diamonds at home every time you wear them and take them to a professional once a year for cleaning and inspection.

Where To Buy a Diamond that Sparkles

If you are looking for a sparkling diamond, we have a variety of them at Winston’s Crown Jewelers. We have jewelry with diamonds in different settings, shapes, and cuts that impact that sparkle that catches the eye. View our collection of sparkling diamond jewelry here orcontact us to purchase a sparkling and stunning diamond with longevity and durability.

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