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Article: Why Do Diamond Rings Have Holes?

Why Do Diamond Rings Have Holes?

Why Do Diamond Rings Have Holes?

You may notice that diamond rings have holes cut out underneath the diamond. The holes are in the ring mountings and can be of various shapes. Ring holes provide a few different benefits, including enhancing sparkle, helping jewelers set the diamond, protecting the diamond from chipping, and giving your finger space to breathe. For additional information about diamonds,contact Winston’s Crown Jewelers today

What Are Diamond Ring Holes?

Diamond ring holes are the spaces cut out in the mounting below the diamond. They are also called breathing holes. When wearing a diamond ring, you can look at the top, bottom, or sides of the diamond to see these spaces. Despite their nickname, these holes aren’t meant to provide air to the diamond. Instead, they serve a few other purposes. 

Benefits of Holes In Diamond Rings

The holes in diamond rings serve an important purpose when setting and protecting the diamond. They also help ensure comfort when wearing the ring. The ring holes: 

  1. Allow jewelers to see and accurately set the diamond 
  2. Help prevent the culet (the pointy tip of the diamond) from chipping when setting the diamond 
  3. Provide airflow to prevent moisture buildup between the ring and your finger that can lead to irritation and rashes
  4. Allow light to shine through the diamond from multiple angles.
  5. Allow for easier cleaning underneath the diamond

The last benefit is one you’re sure to appreciate. Dirt and debris can easily accumulate in the spaces below your diamond, diminishing its appearance. Breathing holes allow you to clean these hard-to-reach areas with a soft cloth, scrubber, steam, or another diamond-friendly tool. 

What If a Diamond Ring Has No Holes?

One common misconception is thatdiamond engagement rings with no holes are actually fake diamonds. This isn’t true. Breathing holes are a functional ring element meant to help with luminosity, setting, maintaining, and wearing the ring. However, not all rings need them. You may also see breathing holes in rings that have no diamonds at all, such as pearl pieces. For some gems, the breathing holes actually do allow the gemstone to breathe. 

To ensure your piece is high-quality and authentic, shop from reputable jewelers. If you’re looking to expand your diamond collection,see what Winston’s Crown Jewelers has to offer.

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Michelle Verdult
Expert jewelry designer Michelle Verdult offers knowledge through her passion for all things fine jewelry.

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