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We have a vast collection of beautiful diamond necklaces for every occasion. Whether you are interested in a simple diamond solitaire necklace, an extra-long diamond riviera for everyday layering, or a show-stopping choker for special events, we have something for you. We invite you to experience our entire collection at our Newport Beach showroom inside the Mariner’s Pointe Plaza.


Product type
Necklace Style
Product type
Necklace Style
Ten Stone Diamond Necklace
Large Marquise Aquamarine Necklace
Floating Double Diamonds NecklaceFloating Double Diamonds Necklace
Floating Diamonds NecklaceFloating Diamonds Necklace
Emerald & Diamond NecklaceEmerald & Diamond Necklace
Long Tanzanite & Diamond NecklaceLong Tanzanite & Diamond Necklace
Suspended Diamond NecklaceSuspended Diamond Necklace
Pear-Shaped Diamond Eternity NecklacePear-Shaped Diamond Eternity Necklace
Diamond Wreath NecklaceDiamond Wreath Necklace
Rare Colombian Emerald SetRare Colombian Emerald Set
Multi-Stone Diamond Necklace
Radiant-Cut Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace
Large Tanzanite & Diamond Pendant Necklace
Rare Trillion-Cut Morganite Necklace
Triple Marquise Diamond Necklace
Everyday Diamond Tennis Necklaces
Pavé Diamond Chain Link Necklace
32" Convertible Diamond Tennis Necklace
Large Pear-Shaped Champagne Diamond Necklace
Rare Blue Diamond Pendant Necklace
Large Graduated Riviera Diamond Necklace
Emerald-Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace
Round Diamond Tennis Necklace In White Gold
Large East-West Oval Diamond Tennis Necklace
Oval Diamond Tennis Necklace
East-West Emerald-Cut Diamond Tennis Necklace
Riviera Diamond Necklace
Round Diamond Tennis Necklace In Rose Gold
East-West Oval Diamond Tennis Necklace
Graduated Riviera Diamond Necklace
Diamond & Sapphire Tennis Necklace
Heart-Shaped Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace
Pear Shape Diamond Pendant Necklace
Radiant-Cut Diamond & Halo Necklace
Cushion-Cut Yellow Diamond Pendant Necklace
Emerald-Cut Diamond & Halo Pendant Necklace
Radiant-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace
Cushion-Cut Diamond Pendant Necklace
Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace
Yellow Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace
Double Halo Pendant Necklace
Diamond Solitaire Pendant Necklace
Oval Diamond Halo Pendent Necklace
Large Aquamarine & Diamond Pendant