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Article: How To Choose A Diamond Ring Setting

How To Choose A Diamond Ring Setting

How To Choose A Diamond Ring Setting

A diamond ring setting is a crucial part of your engagement or wedding ring. Generally, it should complement the overall style of your diamond. Deciding on the right setting can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what to look for. So, let’s demystify the enigma of how to choose a diamond ring setting in this article.

Understanding Diamond Ring Settings

A diamond ring setting is the metal component of the ring. It varies in metal or material, ranging from gold to platinum. No matter the material, its function is to hold the diamond in place. Apart from that, a diamond ring setting also determines how you wear your jewelry.

Exploring Common Types Of Diamond Ring Settings

Prong Setting: The Classic Choice for Security and Sparkle

When you think about a diamond ring setting, chances are that it’s a prong setting. Being the most common ring setting, it consists of at least four small prongs holding the gem. Whereas a setting with more prongs tends to be more secure, fewer prongs allow more light to pass through the diamond, creating the most sparkle.

Bezel Setting: Timeless Elegance and Stone Protection

This setting is characterized by a metal ring, holding the stone in one place. Typically used for precious and fragile stones, it is often a more expensive setting option and works best with a round, brilliant cut. Also, the bezel setting makes the gem look larger.

Pave Setting: Luxurious Sparkle in Every Direction

As the name suggests, this setting design appears as if it’s paved with diamonds. Each tiny diamond is closely set together with hidden prongs or metal beads. Pave settings offer an elegant finish and a continuous sparkle.

Halo Setting: Amplifying Brilliance with Surrounding Diamonds

This type of setting comprises a “halo” of intricate diamonds surrounding a center diamond. Since the halo gives the impression of a larger stone, this design is perfect for an impressive engagement ring. Therefore, it can save you money.

Channel Setting: Sleek Rows of Diamonds, No Prongs Needed

Almost similar to pave setting, this setting design allows for diamonds to be set in place between the band’s vertical metal rows. It creates the impression of a continuous row of diamonds. Also, the gems do not require prongs, unlike pave-set diamonds. Channel setting is perfect for diamond wedding bands or styles with no center diamond.

Cathedral Setting: Timeless Grace and Elevated Stones

Timeless and elegant in style, the cathedral setting resembles the arches in a cathedral. Although the diamond is set using prongs, the arches ultimately frame it. It also creates the illusion of a large diamond since it allows the stone is set higher.

Split Shank Setting: Unique Elegance with an Open Band

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring, consider one with a split shank setting. It draws a lot of attention with an open section on the band as it encounters the diamond.

Cluster Setting: Affordable Charm with Grouped Diamonds

In this setting, a cluster of smaller diamonds is set together to create a particular design. It is an affordable option compared to other setting styles, as tiny diamonds are less expensive than a single one of the same weight.

    How To Choose a Perfect Diamond Ring Setting

    Now that we’ve discussed different types of diamond ring settings, you can find a starting point on how to choose the perfect one for you. But there are a few things to consider.

    Selecting Your Setting Style

    First, choose the style of the setting. Whether it’s a classic prong setting or something more unique, take your time to browse through the styles before investing in a diamond ring.

    Deciding on the Metal Band

    Second, decide on the metal band for the setting. The most common metals include platinum, white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. Research thoroughly before making your decision, as each metal has pros and cons.

    Choosing the Shape and Size of Your Diamond

    Finally, choose the right shape and size of the diamond for your ring. The size determines the overall cost of the ring, so ensure it’s within your budget. On the other hand, the shape determines the look of the ring.

    Why It Is Important To Choose A Perfect Diamond Ring Setting

    As mentioned earlier, a diamond ring setting determines the overall appearance of your engagement ring. Thus, you should choose a setting that fits your budget and style.

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    At Winston’s Crown Jewelers, we provide several options when it comes to diamond settings. If you are looking for something classic or modern, simple or elaborate, do not hesitate to contact us.

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