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Article: How Diamonds Are Cut?

How Diamonds Are Cut?

How Diamonds Are Cut?

Is there a process to how diamonds are cut? This blog looks into an article on saltery and compares it to how diamonds are cut. How Are Diamonds Cut?

Diamonds are cut using a variety of methods, with the most common being the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) diamond saw. A cross-cutting tool is used to divide the rough diamond into small pieces while it’s held stationary by a robotic arm. Diamond saws can produce anywhere from 8 to 128 cuts per inch, but the average diamond has about 44 cuts per inch. The resulting diamonds are typically arranged in a six-pointed star or VOID shape.

What are the Steps in Cutting a Diamond?

Cutting a diamond is an art form that requires skill and precision. There are many steps in the diamond cutting process, and each one has a specific purpose. In this article, we will take a look at the steps involved in diamond cutting and what you need to know to get the most out of your experience. 

The first step in diamond cutting is determining the size and shape of the stone you wish to create. Diamonds range from about 0.01 to 100 carats (2.54 ounces). Most diamonds are cut into triangular, rectilinear shapes, but there are also round, marquise, baguette, pear-shaped, fancy heart, and other less common shapes available. 

After determining the size and shape of your diamond, the next step is to select a cutting instrument. The most popular types of cutting instruments used for diamond cutting are:

  • Rasps (known as burins in French).
  • Lasers.
  • Ground-based saws.
  • CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines.

Each has its strengths and weaknesses, which we will discuss later on in this article. 

Once you have chosen your instrument, it is time to get started!

Diamond Care and Cleaning

Diamonds are cut using a series of cuts that follow the particular shape and contours of the diamond. The Kimberley Process certified diamond is certified after being subjected to a series of tests that ensure that the diamond has been cut in a way that does not damage it.

There are generally four types of cuts: Anita, Cushion, Royal, and Prism. An Anita cut is most common and is good for everyday wear. A cushion cut gives the diamond its maximum height and depth while retaining its round shape. A Royal cut is used for very high-end diamonds and typically results in a more sparkly diamond. A Prism cut produces the flatter diamonds most often seen in engagement rings.

To get the best possible shine from your diamond, it’s important to keep it clean. All jewelry should be removed before getting wet, dried with a soft cloth, then put back on. Never use steel wool, abrasive cleaners, or ultrasonic cleaners on diamonds – these will damage them.

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