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Article: Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Look Larger Than Round?

Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Look Larger Than Round?

Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Look Larger Than Round?

A diamond’s cut holds a magnifying glass to its soul. For decades, the discerning clientele at Winston’s Crown Jewelers has been enthralled by the cushion and round-cut diamonds gracing our collection. Both cuts have their unique allure, but the question lingers: does one appear larger than the other?

Understanding Diamond Cuts

Every diamond has a story, and its cut is the prologue.

  • Definition: A diamond’s cut goes beyond its shape. It describes the precision, symmetry, and reflection of light.
  • Significance: The cut determines the gem’s brilliance. A masterfully cut diamond showcases our dedication to craftsmanship and unrivaled expertise.

Round Cut Diamonds: A Testament to Timelessness

Round-cut diamonds, the epitome of elegance, have adorned royalty and graced our collection for generations.

  • Historical Resonance: A symbol of endless love, its 360-degree silhouette speaks of eternity.
  • Unique Features: Their symmetrically balanced facets capture and refract light with unparalleled beauty.
  • Appearance: Though their dimensions may be fixed, their allure is infinite.

Cushion Cut Diamonds: Embracing Vintage Charm

Cushion cuts, reminiscent of old-world romance, are a testament to timeless sophistication.

  • Origin: Inspired by antique aesthetics, their soft edges and pronounced facets whisper tales of bygone eras.
  • Distinguishing Features: Cushion cuts beautifully combine rounded corners with deep facets, maximizing their radiant glow.
  • Appearance: Beyond their weight in carats, they carry an unmatched heritage.

Cushion Cut Diamonds Vs. Round Cut Diamonds

Our GIA gemologists, true custodians of gemstone lore, provide an unbiased comparison.

  • Surface Area vs. Perceived Size: Though surface areas may slightly differ, a diamond’s setting can significantly influence its perceived size.
  • Table Size: A larger table can often make a diamond appear more extensive.
  • Cut Proportions: The depth, width, and angles can subtly alter a diamond’s presentation.
  • Facet Arrangement and Reflections: The way light dances across a diamond plays a pivotal role in its perception.

Other Factors Impacting Perception

At Winston’s Crown Jewelers, we believe every diamond speaks to its beholder.

  • Setting: Our master jewelers often employ settings that accentuate a diamond’s inherent size.
  • Diamond Color and Clarity: The brilliance and clarity can dramatically alter the perceived size.
  • Personal Preference: Every eye sees differently; every heart feels unique.

Practical Considerations When Buying

  • Price: While price points between the cushion and round cuts can vary, our collection caters to connoisseurs of all kinds.
  • Popularity & Trends: As a family-owned legacy, we’ve witnessed the ebb and flow of trends, ensuring our collection remains evergreen.
  • First-hand Viewing: Words and images, no matter how eloquent, can only convey so much. 

We invite you to witness these masterpieces in person.

Learn More About Diamonds With an Experienced Jeweler in Newport Beach, California

Both cushion and round cut diamonds, with their distinct charm, hold a special place in our collection and hearts. Your choice should mirror your personal story and your unique elegance. Winston’s Crown Jewelers is here to guide you through this timeless journey.

We invite you to delve deeper into our curated collection of fine jewelry, diamonds, and watches. Let our jewelry designers, master jewelers, and GIA gemologists be your beacon.

Book an Appointment with Winston’s Crown Jewelers and embark on a journey of elegance, craftsmanship, and legacy.

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