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Article: The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide: How To Clean And Maintain Your Jewelry

The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide: How To Clean And Maintain Your Jewelry

The Ultimate Jewelry Care Guide: How To Clean And Maintain Your Jewelry

Jewelry is always a must-have in every closet, as it can add an extra touch to your overall wardrobe. However, you can only get the most out of these pieces if you maintain them so they always have their usual shine. The key to keeping your jewelry sparkling for many years is knowing how to keep it clean. If you’re wondering how to practice jewelry maintenance without damaging your precious pieces, below are some simple tips to guide you. 

Jewelry Maintenance

Jewelry is made from precious metals and alloys that go through various processes. With all the effort that goes into creating such special pieces for you, it helps to know how to give them some TLC, so they always dazzle. It all starts with understanding the dos and don’ts of jewelry maintenance.

Know When To Take Your Jewelry Off

Once you get the hang of things, your jewelry will require cleaning less often. It’s all in the simple things; for instance, although you may be tempted to keep your jewelry on while applying your lotion, it’s better not to do so because your jewelry could build up a layer of grime and buildup. 

While smashing your workout goals at the gym, avoid wearing jewelry, as your sweat contains salt, which is rust’s favorite element. Plus, during heavy activity, you risk damaging your jewelry as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so keep your jewelry away from the gym. 

Additionally, when taking a dip in the swimming pool or the ocean, remember to take off your everyday jewelry pieces like earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. This way, not only do you avoid losing them, but you also ensure they are not affected by chlorine or salt water. 

Lastly, when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and clean, it’s advisable to remove your jewelry as it could be exposed to contaminants in your cleaning supplies that could corrode it.

Jewelry Storage

How you store your jewelry pieces can make all the difference in how long they last. Although it’s easy to leave your pieces jumbled up in a small or mid-sized jewelry box, it could lead to a lot of stress down the line as you’ll spend a lot of time maneuvering to find that single piece you’re looking for. If you’re fortunate to find it, the next step would be trying to sort out the entanglement of your thin necklaces, which can be exhausting. If this sounds familiar, it would help to invest in quality jewelry organizers or velvet-lined boxes to keep your precious metals safe. 

Make sure to invest in a jewelry box or jewelry holder that is the proper size for your collection. If you are trying to squeeze 20 necklaces into 6 spots, it’s time to upgrade your storage. 

Traveling With Jewelry

When you travel with your jewelry, ensure you have a travel-sized jewelry organizer that protects your jewelry from tangles and scratches. When packing, only pack jewelry that you are going to wear to avoid over-crowding the travel carrier.

It is always important to pack your jewelry as individual pieces when traveling to avoid damage when they rub against each other. One of the most common items to scratch a diamond is another diamond! 


Your dazzling pieces risk a short life span if you fail to clean them per the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, using abrasive solutions can corrode your precious metals and render them unwearable. Fortunately, you can avoid this by knowing how to clean jewelry. 

As a tip, opt for professional jewelry cleaning solutions. Although you may be tempted to explore DIY cleaning tips, it’s always best to be thorough in your research before trying these out, as not all these claims can be trusted. Usually, a solution of warm water and a mild detergent will do the job just fine. In some cases, you may need a soft-bristled brush for extra cleaning that doesn’t require excessive elbow grease.

When in doubt, take your jewelry to your local jewelry store for a professional cleaning. 

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Winstons suggests jewelry and gems be cleaned by a trusted jewelry professional. Whether you choose to use a professional or clean your jewelry/gemstones yourself using the suggestions in this article, you are 100% responsible for the outcome. Winstons is not responsible for any item not cleaned by our in-house team.

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