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Article: Jewelry Essentials: Building Your Collection for Daily Wear

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Jewelry Essentials: Building Your Collection for Daily Wear

Your jewelry collection should be thought of as an extension of your wardrobe, and having jewelry essentials you can wear every day is a must. Much like your favorite pair of jeans or sweaters, having good-quality jewelry basics can elevate your look and style effortlessly, thanks to a few well-chosen pieces that complement your look.

Why You Need Daily Wear Jewelry

Daily wear jewelry, as the term suggests, refers to pieces that are designed to be worn on a daily basis. These are not your statement or occasion-specific pieces, but rather, they are the ones that seamlessly blend with your everyday outfits. They allow you to create a staple look by mixing and matching a few select pieces, which can be inherently more cost-effective than buying new items on a regular basis.

Your daily wear jewelry should be pieces that resonate with you, are versatile enough to be worn with a range of outfits, and are classic & stylish to complement your outfit.

How To Choose the Right Jewelry Essentials

Everyday wear jewelry items should be durable, which is why investing in higher quality pieces is a must. These pieces can withstand constant use and stand the test of time, making them a valuable investment.

While your personal style should influence your choices, aim to build a collection with classic yet timeless designs that can transcend any trend and time in fashion.

A pair of gold hoop earrings, a solitaire diamond ring, or a jewel-encrusted tennis bracelet are all classic designs that will enhance your look without going out of style any time soon.

Must-Have Jewelry Essentials

While the right style can be tailored to your tastes, there are a few specific items on which you should build your jewelry essentials. These include

These pieces are designed to complement an outfit and pull a style together. They can often be mixed and matched, especially when they're of a more simple design.

For an everyday jewelry basics collection, less is more, allowing you the freedom to wear the pieces in various styles.

Mix and Match for Different Looks

It's important not to overdo your everyday jewelry look. As mentioned, less is indeed more regarding jewelry basics and staples in your collection.

For example, you can pair everyday diamond jewelry such as diamond studs with a plain diamond pendant necklace, or you can opt for a stunning diamond ring with a simple diamond studded bangle. Try pairing different pieces together at home before you head out and see how they feel to wear together. Then, build this over time and slowly add jewelry to your everyday collection that can be worn repeatedly to complete your look.

Shop For Jewelry Essentials With Winston’s Crown Jewelers in Newport Beach

When it comes to building your jewelry essentials collection, it's important to invest in high-quality items from reputable jewelers. One such jeweler is Winston's Crown Jewelers, a renowned name in the industry known for their craftsmanship and quality. Our standout pieces are designed to effortlessly fit into your collection and bring you enjoyment from each wear. If you're looking for diamond jewelry in Newport Beach, we are here to help you build your collection and add stunning jewelry essentials to your everyday wear collection.

Please book an appointment to explore all of our jewelry in our Newport Beach showroom or browse a small selection of our jewelry online.

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Michelle Verdult
Expert jewelry designer Michelle Verdult offers knowledge through her passion for all things fine jewelry.

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