Diamonds are among the hardest substances on earth, making diamond cutting nearly impossible. Yet, diamond cutting is an essential step in the diamond production process, transforming the gemstone from its natural rough form extracted from the mine to a dazzling, glistening stone. But what is used to cut diamonds? Read on to find out.

Different Ways To Cut Diamonds

Diamond cutting requires specialized tools and skills to yield beautiful and valuable results. This helps achieve high precision and accuracy in the diamond cutting process. So, how are diamonds cut?

Using Diamonds to Cut Diamonds

Cutting diamonds with other diamonds is a conventional method used today to cut diamonds. However, since diamonds are one of the hardest substances on earth, splitting them would require greater strength. Hence, cutters use specialized saws saturated with small diamonds to cut other diamonds.

Naturally, diamonds are crystalline minerals formed beneath the earth’s surface over thousands of years. Cutting them involves splitting the stone along their weak crystal directions. The special saw saturated with tiny diamonds gives the blade adequate strength to cut the stone along its weakest point, the tetrahedral plane. However, any slight mistake during the cutting process would make the stone shutter and become worthless.

Using Laser Technology

With advancements in technology, diamond cutters have begun using lasers to split diamonds. Since the diamond cutting process requires high precision, lasers let cutters achieve this. Laser technology integrates a powerful laser beam that cuts the stone in two passes. Unlike using diamonds to cut other diamonds, laser cutting offers high precision, yielding a more precise cut.

Bottom Line

Although diamond is one of the hardest known substances on earth, it can be split using diamonds or laser technology. Cutting the stone using other diamonds is a traditional method, but any mistake can make the stone shutter. Contrarily, laser cutting offers high precision and is faster than using diamonds to cut other diamonds.

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