The Asscher cut was wildly popular during the 1920s and 1930s. Joseph Asscher was already renowned in 1908 when King Edward VII of Great Britain chose him to cleave the world’s largest rough diamond, cementing his fame. His signature cut is strongly associated with Art Deco, which is once again becoming a widely coveted aesthetic.

What Shape Is The Asscher-Cut Diamond?

The Asscher-cut diamond is an octagon, but subtly so. At a casual glance, its top facet (or table) may appear square. However, the pronounced cropped corners of this cut create an eight-sided table. Ascending to this surface are step-cut facets, which add elegant precision to the stone’s profile.

Distinguishing The Asscher-Cut Diamond

When making a decision about the perfect diamond, it’s crucial to learn to tell apart styles that may seem like twins to the unpracticed eye. For comparison, here are two of the Asscher cut’s nearest relatives.

Asscher Cut vs. Cushion Cut

  • Both of these are octagonal.
  • The cushion cut is rounder than the Asscher cut.
  • Like many contemporary cuts, the cushion cut emphasizes sparkle.
  • The Asscher cut creates a softer glow paired with moments of stunning flash.

Asscher Cut vs. Emerald Cut

  • Both are step-cut with precise parallel lines.
  • The emerald cut’s corners are cropped at an angle that accentuates squareness.
  • The Asscher cut tends to have more height and a more solid feel than the thin-profile emerald cut.
  • The Asscher cut has more facets with a distinct pattern at the center.

Why Is The Asscher Cut Diamond Remarkable?

The Asscher-cut diamonds’ most breathtaking feature is the hall-of-mirrors effect created by its pattern of step facets. When well crafted, a perfectly symmetrical X meets at the stone’s culet. This alluring pattern, often referred to as a windmill, is only revealed through the table. Looking from the side, an Asscher-cut diamond stands out for its elegant lines, height, and distinctive shape. But viewing the diamond top-down shows its mysteries, and the viewer is entranced by endless reflections of light.

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