What comes to your mind when looking at diamonds? Is it the brilliance, the shape, or the number of carats? For most people, a diamond’s luster and value are all that matter. Several factors distinguish diamonds, including form, clarity, cut, and the number of carats. Here, we will look at the shape aspect, so let us find out what a step-cut diamond is, the types, and the qualities.

What Are Step-Cut Diamonds?

A step-cut diamond is a rectangular or square-like gemstone with elongated facets arranged in a parallel line. The rectangular elements emit less light than the triangular facets in brilliant-cut diamonds, making the step-cut type less sparkling. Additionally, observing the diamonds from above gives a step-like appearance, the origin of the step-cut name.

Types Of Step-Cut Diamonds

There are three types of step-cut diamonds: emerald-cut, Asscher-cut, and baguette-cut. Let’s look into each category.


Emerald-cut diamonds are the most famous of all step-cut diamonds. They have a perfect octagon shape with truncated edges. The elongated facets create a step-like look when observed above, giving the emerald-cut its moniker “hours of mirrors.” 


The Asscher-cut diamond derives its name from the famous diamond-cutter, Joseph Asscher, who created and patented the shape. It is a square-shaped octagon, more or less like the emerald cut, but with shorter step cuts and rougher edges. Moreover, the x-shaped pattern on the crown facets gives it a radiating appearance, distinct from the rest of the step-cut diamonds.


Baguette is a French-derived name meaning a narrow-elongated shape. It describes the baguette step-cut diamond with an elongated rectangular shape with sharp edges. The narrow and long appearance makes it suitable for a side-stone or paired with other diamond cuts.

Advantages Of Step-Cut Diamonds

One of the upsides of step-cut diamonds is the minimalist look.These diamonds are sleek with excellent clarity. They are also less expensive than the brilliant-cut counterparts.

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