A cushion-cut diamond is a type of diamond with a soft square or rectangular shape, all with curved edges. This kind of diamond combines a square cut with rounded corners, creating a softer, pillowy aesthetic (hence the name). 

Its unique shape and rounded corners increase the facet size, giving off an elegant and sophisticated sparkle. This is one of the main reasons why cushion cut diamonds are often purchased for engagement rings. Classic and versatile, the diamonds look just as good solitaire as they do in a three-stone or halo setting. 

Features Of A Cushion-Cut Diamond

Below are a few distinctive features you will find in a cushion-cut diamond.

  • Rounded edges
  • Unique vintage, antique look and feel
  • Brilliant cut faceting
  • Square or rectangular shape
  • Modified cushion cuts 

Advantages Of The Cushion-Cut Diamond 

The cushion cut diamond is known to be a “fancy shape” diamond. It has also gained much popularity in recent years for good reasons:

  • The rounded edges of the cut make it a very durable gemstone.
  • It is less expensive per carat than a round cut diamond.
  • A cushion-cut diamond has a very unique shape for a personalized engagement ring. From sharp and defined, soft and pillowy, to elongated and square, cushion-cuts allow for versatility and the ability to choose a ring that aligns with the bride’s personal taste and style. 
  • It has a high level of brilliance and fire. If you love those colored flashes of light that come from a diamond, you’ll love a cushion-cut diamond. 
  • The diamond is becoming more popular
  • It combines modern flair with classic fashion, a very rare feature in most jewelry. 

The cushion-cut’s variety and versatility offer you the chance to get creative, so explore your choices and consider your personal style. Winston’s Crown Jewelers will help you walk away with a diamond that is absolutely “you”. Contact us for more information.